Priligy is the generic of a famous drug, which has an excellent reputation in the world. Original and its generic Priligy has an absolutely the same composition. It consists of an active substance which copes with its task. Dapoxetine is the main ingredient of both drugs. This drug has the maximum positive qualities and characteristics. Due to our overseas drug researchers were able to create a drug with an even better performance.

Each tablet contains 60 mg of dapoxetine. Priligy 60 mg is the most popular dosage. The appearance of the tablet is a round or oval shape, with a tone of blue to light – green, film-coated, with Valium on both sides. Each package must always be sealed and it must be information about the manufacturer, the number of tablets, the dose in them, as well as a special hologram sure to confirm not counterfeit products. Remember to buy the drug, as well as other drugs that affect your health, it should be checked only in the field or on the advice of doctors, pharmacists and acquaintances. Do not try to buy it at a very low price, closing his eyes to the quality and counterfeit products. It can play a cruel joke with you, and instead of a nice, exciting sex you get painful side effects and psychological trauma.

Dapoxetine has a specific pharmacokinetics. If you ever took the drug or other, with the same composition, and you get an allergic reaction, in this case should not take Dapoxetine or before taking consult with a specialist for the appointment or choice of receiving the correct dosage. Other SSRIs achieve the highest efficiency of about two weeks of application, while Dapoxetine shows the greatest accumulation in the blood plasma in 60 minutes after administration of the tablet. He leaves the body within two hours. Dapoxetine quickly dissolves and disappears from the body in urine. This allows you to take it every day. Within two hours of the drug is metabolized and its concentration in the plasma is decreased by fifty percent. Therefore, the greatest effect is achieved only after 30 minutes after administration.

The action of Dapoxetine:

  • The mechanism of action of this drug is quite simple, but effective. Dapoxetine reduces the process of taking out of the nerve cells of the brain hormone serotonin happiness. Because of it, the body begins a certain effect, through which increases the duration of sexual activity four times. It practically does not violate the normal processes of the body and highlights important for one time or another, and corrects them little effect. Through this approach the drug achieves excellent performance without the unwanted side effects and health damage.
  • Dapoxetine recommended for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, or want to prolong the sexual act. Dapoxetine is a drug that stops the process of early ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse four times. If you have problems in this area, do not hesitate, start taking Dapoxetine. The effect of this drug will exceed all your expectations and will fully enjoy your sex life. Do not think we should act. If you have already encountered this problem, see your doctor and ask for recommendations on the admission Dapoxetine. And start taking the drug.

As with any medication in the world Dapoxetine has contraindications that must be strictly observed. Categorically forbidden to take this drug for women and men to 18 years, and more than 64 year. Dapoxetine is prohibited along with alcoholic beverages.

Patients with liver or kidney disease taking Dapoxetine may strictly only after visiting a specialist and inspection. If you have heart disease or blood vessels, heart failure is contraindicated taking the drug and similar medicines. If you are suffering from fever, diarrhea or dehydration is not worth the risk and take Dapoxetine. Acceptance of alcohol along with the drug may increase, pretty much side effects.

Application Dapoxetine is strictly by appointment or recommendation of a specialist. Dapoxetine should be taken an hour before sexual intercourse, in the amount of 60 mg at a time. Tablet washed down with plenty of water. Receiving Dapoxetine is independent of food intake, and duration of its effect on the body is up to 12 hours. If for some reason you must reduce the effect, then you should reduce the dose by half, and in fact take 30 mg.

Besides, long-term and continuous reception Dapoxetine may achieve normalization ejaculation. To do this, you must take a course of the drug. The duration of the course determines the doctor who monitors your health. Contact your local hospital or the clinic and after treatment and testing will be assigned the optimal dosage and time of treatment.