features of premature ejaculation infographics
What is premature ejaculation, and what are the causes of it?

PE (premature ejaculation) is divided into primary and secondary (acquired). Called primary substations, which takes place from the beginning of sexual activity or the first sexual experience. Rapid onset of ejaculation during masturbation is not considered a medical problem. It considered secondary substation that has occurred against the backdrop of initially normal sexual life, which can sometimes be associated with the development of other diseases, and be their manifestation. Secondary SS may be true, which developed as a distinct disease, and perhaps symptomatic or appeared as a manifestation of another disease. Distinguish premature ejaculation: psychogenic, organic, combined.

Secondary PE happens often with urological diseases (urethritis, colliculitis, prostatitis, vesicles, enuresis, prostate adenoma). Colliculitis – inflammatory, hypertrophic and other changes seed mound. During intercourse mound seed enhanced blood circulation, strengthens the upward momentum, stimulating areas of the central nervous system, responsible for orgasm. In pathological increase (hypertrophy) and inflammation, such impulses amplified orgasm occurs before, usually with a loss of quality of the orgasm. Prostate and vesicles – inflammatory diseases of accessory genital glands have a close relationship with the seed mound. Therefore, when inflammation in the pathological response may be involved and posledniy. These diseases are diagnosed and treated by a doctor only.

Hypersensitivity of the glans penis has a large number of nerve endings in the head of the penis and a large than normal susceptibility to the effects – the most common cause of premature ejaculation. The nerve endings, which are located in the head of the penis are the main receptors in the nervous arc closed in the spinal cord, among other causes: alcoholism, drug addiction, Parkinson’s disease, chronic depression, diabetes, kidney failure, some hormonal disorders, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory reflex expressed , genetic predisposition, surgical, pharmacological.
Diagnosis of premature ejaculation is not difficult – the patient’s complaints are fundamental in establishing the diagnosis. Most of the difficulty is not to establish the existence of premature ejaculation, and determining the cause of the violation. The doctor can plan inspection: external examination, rectal examination, ultrasound examination of genitals, in some cases – tests for the detection of infectious and inflammatory diseases, and other lab diagnostic methods, techniques for assessing the blood supply to the member (to avoid erectile dysfunction) and a series of tests. Should take into account the fact that whatever the initial cause of premature ejaculation is always join a psychogenic component. Not regular sexual life is often the cause of prostatitis, vesiculitis, kollikulita and rapid ejaculation, and this leads to a reduction in the quality of sex in both partnerov. Always consult a doctor at the right time.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

Treatment of premature ejaculation is not a major difficulty. Must necessarily be carried out with the sexual partner. Depending on the identified causes of premature ejaculation is conducted drug, physiotherapy or microsurgical correction ejaculation. Primary and secondary real SS treated almost exclusively by conservative methods. Secondary SS eliminated symptomatic or during treatment of the underlying cause of the disease, or in addition to the use of methods of treatment of primary or secondary substation true. Very often, after the treatment of prostatitis, urethritis lengthened intercourse. In any case, treatment of the SS should be appointed only after a thorough examination by a qualified expert in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction in men.

Among the methods of the treatment:

  • 1. Treatment of inflammatory diseases that caused the disease;
  • 2. sexual, psychological, behavioral therapy, self-regulation and the method of distraction, behavioral therapy is the formation of a man of clear recognition of sensations that precede the onset of orgasm and the ability to control the process using different techniques;
  • 3. Conservative treatment of hypersensitivity conducted using a condom and anesthetic ointments applied to the penis in the bridle, the ointment should be immediately before the sexual contact for 10-15 minutes, and it’s not always convenient to physically and psychologically;
  • 4. Pharmacotherapy, which includes treatment with antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, agents sometimes used to improve the potency, often extending to sexual intercourse, the use life of certain drugs;
  • 5. Reflexology, acupuncture, physiotherapy techniques are highly effective.
  • 6. Surgery – circumcision with plastic bridles and microsurgical denervation of the head of the penis. It should be understood that the surgical treatment of the SS, in particular the intersection of nerves that provide the sensitivity of the glans penis can lead to permanent loss of sensitivity of the penis and as a consequence of deterioration in the quality of erections and orgasms weaken.
  • 7. Treatment of premature ejaculation at the right time (when you faced this problem but not after 5 years)
    A more modern and unique performance method of conservative treatment (95% of cases there is control over ejaculation) – an introduction to certain areas of the glans penis injections of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid creates a “cushion” between the skin and nerve endings, thereby achieving a decrease in the sensitivity of the glans penis. The drug is intended for administration to the dermis only a medical specialist with experience in this area. Since the introduction of this procedure, technique is a key factor in its success, the injection of the drug should be administered only by a physician specially trained in the technique of injection urogenital area. This method does not require any space in the hospital. The procedure is performed on the same day, under local anesthesia with modern anesthetics and takes 15 to 50 minutes. In the combined treatment effect occurs within a very short period of time (10 days). After surgery, the patient can have sex a week. According to foreign urologists increase the glans penis by means of the injection of the gel of hyaluronic acid proved to be very effective for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This procedure can replace more dangerous dorsal problem. Biological gels based on hyaluronic acid are sometimes applied in the urology to increase the size of the glans penis. This procedure can be done in many clinics.
  • 8. Vacuum massage of the penis (LOD – therapy). As a result of the impact, according to reofallografii, increased arterial inflow, normal vascular tone and improves venous outflow from the cavernous tissue.

What recommendations can be given to premature ejaculation sufferers?

  • 1. It is necessary to understand the relativity of the concept of “premature ejaculation.” So, it can hardly be considered insolvent man is not satisfied with his partner after 5 – 10 minutes of intercourse flowing “all the rules.” Consequently, much depends on the woman, her physical and emotional health.
  • 2. Keep a normal lifestyle, have a good work time and don’t forget about the rest, engage in physical culture and sports, eat properly.
  • 3. Keep a regular sex life. This is important for both partners: a long abstinence accelerates the onset of ejaculation in men, but prolongs orgasm in women. It is therefore advisable, if a man is able to do this, repeat sexual act. When it lengthens the duration of a man and a woman is accelerated, as it has preserved the thrill of the first proximity. With age, this dissonance is observed less and less as a mutual adaptation.