How to diagnose an erectile dysfunction?


man and women in bedThe diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” is usually placed on the basis of patient complaints and the story about the course of the disease. Many researchers believe that at the present stage of development of Andrology, where there is a sufficient number of high-performance copper-kamenty know the exact cause disorders in the patient is not required. At the same time, the potency disorders can be manifestations of serious diseases and these problems must be solved.

Most doctors in case of potency violations use the following methods:

Each man suspected in his impotence, must undergo a thorough inspection. The doctor will measure the testicles. Their length is less than 3.5 cm indicates a lack of male hormones at the same point, and the location of the abnormal growth of pubic hair, as well as their absence.
In order to identify a possible blockade of the arteries measured by pulse; then tested muscle strength, reflexes, pain sensitivity and the presence of minor neurological disorders. In addition to the knee-jerk doctor will check one more little-known reflex – when neurological impotence often missing: the tip of the penis while squeezing the anus should be compressed.
The study of nocturnal erections. Urologist-andrologist will send you home by providing special pressure gauge with a cuff and a recorder, but you yourself can check their availability, tight enough to put on the penis before going to bed ring of tissue paper. If during the week in the morning strip will remain intact, so there are no nocturnal erections.

Modern methods of diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Hold angio-scan (scanning of vessels) and to assess the condition of vessels and risk of cardiovascular disease for several years before the appearance of clinical symptoms of diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and Pre-stroke preinfarction state. With the help of an optical sensor (LED) indicators measured blood volume pulse wave at the tip of the finger. Testing takes a few minutes and is absolutely harmless. Restrictions on the frequency of use of the instrument there is. Device Angioscan provides a measurement of the following parameters: heart rate, vascular stiffness, such as pulse wave of blood vessels biological age, stress levels, index saturation (oxygen saturation). Test results are displayed on the screen of the device are explained with drawings and vivid color scale.

There is a medical section which determining the rate of blood flow in the vessels of the penis by means of ultrasound. Today, urologists check circulation, making the injection of vasodilators directly into the penis. A normal erection occurs within 15 minutes, indicating a good arterio-venous blood flow. Because nerve patients erection can not occur, negative result is not as certain.

Determination of hormonal status and blood glucose, blood lipid profile. Of all the blood it is the most simple analysis for sugar, because even early diabetes can cause impotence. In rare cases, the diagnosis can be made based on other tests, but nevertheless, each patient is assigned a full set of them along with a few samples of hormones with a mandatory test of testosterone levels. Sometimes, when pituitary hormone deficiency, the patient is prescribed a CT scan to determine its causes.

An important tool for the assessment of sexual dysfunction is also a questionnaire. Take the time to fill out questionnaires: erectile dysfunction, anxiety and depression, the symptoms of age-related androgen deficiency, prostate diseases, and others.

Is impotence treatable? What is the price of the treatments for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction – not a sentence, but only disease that can be successfully treated. And any disease, erectile dysfunction is easier and more efficient to treat the initial stage. Try to determine for yourself how much you are mistaken about their health. The sooner you see your doctor, the more effective treatment will be. Modern medicine has made impressive progress in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and make the problem successfully solvable. Therefore, if you have erectile dysfunction, you should not live with this problem and do nothing to overcome it. Consult a qualified doctor, a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction. After careful examination, taking into account individual characteristics, you will be picked for you the best treatment that will return to your life all the joys of full sex. What is the price of treatments for erectile dysfunction? The cost may be minimal. Begin treatment at home. First, try to eliminate the factors which were the possible cause of the disease. The former include a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, diseases, medication, have a negative effect on potency. Necessary corrections psychosocial condition of the patient. It is important that a man discuss their problems with a partner, and secured its support.

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