Clinical manifestations: Acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis triggered for any micro-organisms and is characterized by the almost simultaneous defeat of glandular lobules. The most common cause is the gonococcus. The inflammatory process can be in the form of an abscess or diffuse purulent inflammation. The most characteristic symptoms of acute prostatitis include: chills and high fever (up to 38,5o and above). Severe poisoning – weakness, aching joints, headaches, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, and others. Severe pain in the perineum, groin and lumbar regions. Urination disorders – frequent and false desires, pain and difficulty with urination, urinary retention. Whitish or clear discharge from the urethra. Digital examination of the prostate through the rectum is impossible because of severe pain. Moreover, it is contraindicated because of the potential for dissemination (distribution) infection in the blood and the development of septic conditions.

Chronic prostatitis recommended classification reflects the fact that the symptoms of chronic prostatitis in men are very diverse, and the views of the doctors on the causes and mechanisms of disease differ in many ways. Diagnosis is based on patient complaints, clinical examination by digital research prostate through the rectum (rectal) and ultrasound findings. Thus the degree of pain assessed, size and volume, contours, smooth consistency and the presence of softening or sealing sections. Part of the functional capacity of the body and, most importantly, the presence or absence of inflammation, as well as the form of the disease to evaluate research prostatic secretions. It is obtained by digital massage of the prostate, followed by analysis of bacteriological material (secretion) by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to detect opportunistic microbial pathogens, and genital infections and semen analysis. Common symptoms of various forms of chronic prostatitis: The discomfort and / or mild pain in the form of “aches” and heaviness in the perineum, arising out of or aggravated after the consumption of alcohol, physical activity, sexual contact. Sometimes they are transient paroxysmal in nature. Discomfort and rezey in the urethra during urination or intercourse, slight serous-purulent discharge from the urethra (mostly after prolonged urinary retention). Sudden frequent urge to urinate (sometimes up to 3 times for 1 hour) and a feeling of insufficient emptying of the bladder, due to a violation of the nervous regulation of the prostate, its muscle fibers and bladder. Pain during orgasm or erased sensation of orgasm, ejaculation disorders, lead to her untimely or, conversely, excessive duration of sexual intercourse. These phenomena are associated with an inflammatory process in the field of seed tubercle or scarring it as a result of inflammation. Priligy deug helps men to fight many sexual deceases. Read more on this site. The reduction of fertility, which is caused by an increase in the acidity of secretions, a decrease or absence of sperm motility, their agglutination (bonding) heads.