Smoking as a habit


Man smokingHow smoking can affect your health?

It’s always advised and we’re constantly being reminded that smoking is a nefarious habit and that it can have terrible implications on one’s health and wellbeing. We also know that smoking doesn’t only hurt the smoker but also the second hand smoker. Well according to a new study, and in terms of smoking hurting others than the smoker himself, it turns out that a smoking grandmother can end up hurting the embryo of her daughter causing the daughter’s children to be more exposed to a risk of autism.

Autism is a very serious developmental handicap that has been misdiagnosed a lot in the past, and therefore any new suspected link of causality must be confirmed before it’s assumed to be true. But when it comes to smoking, the benefits of quitting are clearly there, and a new study such as this one, even if still unconfirmed will only be adding to the list of possible repercussions of smoking.

  • The study was made by a team of researchers in the UK and analyzed a sample of 14,500 children born in the nineties after looking for a possible link between smoking during pregnancy and autism produced inconclusive results. The sample showed that smoking grandmothers exposed their daughter’s child to a 53 percent higher risk of being diagnosed with autism.
  • The risk was reportedly even higher with females as it was shown that girls were 67 percent more likely than boys to develop symptoms of the disorder such as poor social inhibitions and unstable communication patterns in the case of a smoking maternal grandmother.

The researchers have not been able to explain this difference between the genders but they do have a theory about the link between smoking and autism. The explanation purports that since smoking causes damage to the DNA, that damage can eventually be transmitted to the grandchildren making them more exposed to different mutations. This means that DNA impact that doesn’t show in the smoker can eventually become more pronounced in the child or the child’s child. This might make smokers think twice before picking up their next pack.

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